Meet our Team

April Walker and Ryan Troester

April and Ryan have been training Military Working Dogs and their Handlers in the USAF for over a decade. They’ve always believed the same standards of excellence expected of Military Working Dog Teams could be imparted in Pets and their Owners, which led to the creation of Total Dog Destin LLC. Traditional programs, such as group classes or board & trains rarely meet an owner’s expectations and fail to unlock the dog’s full potential. This is why Total Dog believes in one on one specialized training, mobile to the owner, working exclusively on their individual needs. Through empowering the Pet Parent with our techniques and knowledge, we give them the ability to take their dogs anywhere, living harmoniously together rather than seeing the dog as a hindrance. If we can train a Handler to search for explosives in a deployed location, then we can train a Pet Owner to be confident with their dog anywhere life takes them.

Noah Rodgers, Lead Trainer aka "Doktor K9"

Noah is a native of the area, born and raised on the Emerald Coast. His passion and intuition for animals has existed since childhood. As a teenager he began walking dogs in his neighborhood and volunteering at the local shelters in the area. From there he began apprenticing under dog trainers in the panhandle and traveling to workshops in the southeast. He knew then his path was set make a career of dog training and sharing this passion with others. He firmly believes bridging the communicational gap between owners and pets ensures both can live in harmony together. Noah is eager to further his craft and improve on the lessons of yesterday. Anyone who works with him is immediately put at ease by his confidence in his craft.

Luisa Hardy, Trainer

Luisa has always had a passion for animals of all shapes and sizes. Growing up in New York she developed a love for horseback riding. Later she moved to Rhode Island to pursue studying Marine Biology at Roger Williams University. After completing her bachelors degree Luisa headed to the island of Bermuda to train dolphins. Deciding to pivot in her career path and focus her talents elsewhere she relocated to the Emerald Coast to be part of the Total Dog team! She strives to create a connection with owners and their dogs, in order to allow both canine companions and parents to thrive in all scenarios!

Angela Edwards, Pet Parent Care Coordinator

Angela is the first line of contact at Total Dog Training. She was originally a client who found out firsthand how satisfying it is to go from stressed-out pet parent to serenity. “Everything I knew was not working with my dog and TD came to the rescue! I’m happy to be apart of your Total Dog journey from beginning to end as I set you up with a Trainer and evaluate your results.” Dogs have always played a role in her life from a young age. Her father was a K9 Handler in the Army, so there was always at least one German Shepherd in the house. Her dogs have traveled with her internationally and back, which would not have been possible if they weren’t well-trained.

Jordan Chapman, Pet Parent Communication Specialist


Jordan will be your first point of contact at Total Dog Training. She was born and raised in rural Kansas. She worked as a veterinary technician and experienced firsthand the love and bond owners share with their pets. She has two loving dogs, a Golden Retriever and a German Shepherd. As a pet parent and military spouse, where life is constantly changing, she understands the importance of having a well-trained dog. She loves to help others and can't wait to hear about you and your pet!