Meet our Team

April Walker and Ryan Troester

April and Ryan have been training Military Working Dogs and their Handlers in the USAF for over a decade. They’ve always believed the same standards of excellence expected of Military Working Dog Teams could be imparted in Pets and their Owners, which led to the creation of Total Dog Destin LLC. Traditional programs, such as group classes or board & trains rarely meet an owner’s expectations and fail to unlock the dog’s full potential. This is why Total Dog believes in one on one specialized training, mobile to the owner, working exclusively on their individual needs. Through empowering the Pet Parent with our techniques and knowledge, we give them the ability to take their dogs anywhere, living harmoniously together rather than seeing the dog as a hindrance. If we can train a Handler to search for explosives in a deployed location, then we can train a Pet Owner to be confident with their dog anywhere life takes them.

Moriah Smith, Trainer

Moriah was born and raised in Central Kentucky. She grew up training horses and herding dogs with her grandfather. After having several dogs abandoned and dumped off at the farm, she felt people wouldn’t give up on their pups if they had better training available. She decided to intern with a local company and eventually became the lead trainer there! She worked training K9 police dogs and Service dogs. After having to relocate to Florida she joined the Total Dog team where she continues her passion for training and helping pet parents build respect, loyalty, and integrity with their pups!

Noah Rodgers, Trainer aka "Doktor K9"

Noah is a native of the area, born and raised on the Emerald Coast. His passion and intuition for animals has existed since childhood. As a teenager he began walking dogs in his neighborhood and volunteering at the local shelters in the area. From there he began apprenticing under dog trainers in the panhandle and traveling to workshops in the southeast. He knew then his path was set make a career of dog training and sharing this passion with others. He firmly believes bridging the communicational gap between owners and pets ensures both can live in harmony together. Noah is eager to further his craft and improve on the lessons of yesterday. Anyone who works with him is immediately put at ease by his confidence in his craft.

Luisa Hardy, Trainer

Luisa has always had a passion for animals of all shapes and sizes. Growing up in New York she developed a love for horseback riding. Later she moved to Rhode Island to pursue studying Marine Biology at Roger Williams University. After completing her bachelors degree Luisa headed to the island of Bermuda to train dolphins. Deciding to pivot in her career path and focus her talents elsewhere she relocated to the Emerald Coast to be part of the Total Dog team! She strives to create a connection with owners and their dogs, in order to allow both canine companions and parents to thrive in all scenarios!

Colleen Deegan, Trainer aka "Flora-Bama K9 Trainer"

Colleen is an Army Veteran and retired K9 Handler from the Cincinnati Police Dept. She has worked with dogs for 12 years training in many disciplines such as advanced obedience, narcotics detection and patrol/aggression. She developed her love for dogs at a young age always having a dog in the house. She began training her own dogs with simple commands and fell in love with training. Colleen is highly motivated and ready to empower owners to have the patience and confidence to handle their dog in any environment.

Sydney Prevatte, Trainer

Sydney has worked towards furthering her knowledge in canine behavior since an early age. A native of Niceville, she began working at a local daycare/boarding facility while still in high school. Daily exposure to virtually every canine breed brought out her passion even more! She developed a sweet spot for anxious dogs who visited and it became her mission to earn their trust. To provide a level of care and understanding that could positively impact even the nerviest of pups. Soon she adopted two rescues of her own and her training journey began. Possessing an insatiable appetite to learn all she could she began apprenticing under experienced Canine Behavioralists. Whether it was obedience, agility, or barn hunting she was always educating herself. Teaching Pet Parents to bridge the communication gap with their own dogs felt like the next step. Sydney is a valued member of the Total Dog team. She continues to learn new and creative ways to understand and solve any situation thrown her way!

Logan Newton, Trainer

From the Golden State to the beautiful coastline of Panama City Beach, Logan’s can do attitude reassures pet parents they can achieve having their “dream dog”. His enthusiasm for dogs sparked when he raised two litters of Alaskan Husky puppies. While studying safe whelping practices he became fascinated with learning how to nurture personality traits in young puppies to have positive effects later in their lives. Through early neurological stimulation, tactile exercises, and structured play, Logan found his calling being able to give families an extremely lovable well mannered dog. It’s no secret dogs feed off our energy and mood. This makes it crucial to feed that healthy relationship with our pets through exercise, discipline, and affection. Logan’s initiative to provide the Total Dog experience is unmatched!

Amanda Mills, Trainer

Amanda is an Alabama native who has worked with pets, wildlife, livestock, and exotic animals in a variety of roles. She possesses a bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Science from Auburn University. While studying there she was also involved with the Pre-Veterinary Medical Association and Animal Enrichment Society. Like the child in all of us she has yet to outgrow her love of the fictional adventures of the likes of Doctor Doolittle and Mowgli from The Jungle Book. Her love to best communicate with animals through training and behavior modification is the closest she can get to “talking to them”. What began as fun with her own dogs has manifested into a career as a Trainer Total Dog Training. Amanda always emphasizes strengthening confidence and clarity to both ends of the leash. Under her tutelage your dog will develop the understanding for your expectations and real-world obedience you’ve only dreamed of!

Chianti Jordan, Trainer

Chianti hails from the state of lovers, Virginia. Since a young age she's had an affinity for loving and caring for all animals. Wanting to become a veterinarian, Chianti enrolled into a vocational school for veterinary science to further her understanding before later joining the USAF. Wanting to focus on her passion Chianti left her military career to start a new path as a part of the Total Dog team. She dedicates herself to the emotional, psychological, and physical well-being of animals in hopes to increase harmony between pets and their owner. In this way she strives to foster the happiness, trust, love in each unique pet family.

Angela Edwards, Pet Parent Communication Specialist

Angela is the first line of contact at Total Dog Training. She was originally a client who found out firsthand how satisfying it is to go from stressed-out pet parent to serenity. “Everything I knew was not working with my dog and TD came to the rescue! I’m happy to be apart of your Total Dog journey from beginning to end as I set you up with a Trainer and evaluate your results.” Dogs have always played a role in her life from a young age. Her father was a K9 Handler in the Army, so there was always at least one German Shepherd in the house. Her dogs have traveled with her internationally and back, which would not have been possible if they weren’t well-trained.