Success Stories

Total Dog is proud to have the Highest Rated Dog Trainers on the Emerald Coast

“I could not be more pleased with the results I’ve received from Total Dog Training. My PitBul, Sampson used to pull on leash constantly and become very excited when he saw other dogs. After training with Noah for only a few sessions he has learned to properly walk on leash and I don’t lose control of him when other dogs are around. Training with Noah has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made. I feel like I can enjoy the relationship with my dog now and I don’t get nervous taking him out in public. Noah is an expert in his field and I’m so grateful for his skills and patience! I would highly recommend Total Dog Training to anyone who is looking for skilled professional Dog Trainers in our area.”

- Ashley Capps

“Since we’ve contacted Total Dog Training, they’ve been nothing but encouraging and professional! Always answering any questions we’ve had and been extremely interactive with us! Noah has been helping us work our 1 1/2 year old German Shepherd Mac and he’s been hands down amazing! Not only making an instant connection with our dog, but us as well. Making us very confident in showing us the proper way to train Mac and making sure we understand what his methods are and grasp them ourselves. I’d definitely recommend anyone who wants to help let their dogs experience a free and proper lifestyle to Total Dog Training!

- James Sahagian

“I can’t say enough positive things about Colleen and Total Dog Training, amazing does not cover it. I adopted my foster Great Dane, Fenrir. A 150Lb+ bull in the china shop, no concept of personal space, people, his surroundings, jump and run over and through furniture to get to where he wanted too. Walking him was a complete and total nightmare and I hated walking him. No manners at all! He was scared of cars and cautious of new things in new surroundings, we were a mess! In comes Colleen from Total Dog Training, I explained my situation and straight after our consultation I knew she was our person we needed. Fenrir and I both become confident in our training. He was happier by each day. Walking him was and still is a total joy and he is amazing around other animals and isn’t scared of things that are new to him, loves to meet new folks too. I have also learnt thanks to our training, that I too can do this for Fenrir and myself and that it will benefit us both. We are much happier thanks to the training we have received. So once again a huge thanks to Colleen and Total Dog Training. If you are looking for an organization that cares about the dogs and the people….STOP looking. you have found them. Karen and Fenrir”

- Karen Lakin

“I absolutely Love Total Dog and the trainers. They are skilled, passionate, responsive and professional! My pup is my world! I would not tolerate anything less when it comes to him! They help address any issues you see or any that come up while training. They help guide you with what you expect from your pup. Whether it’s an unruly pup, aggressive, etc. I have a working Dutch! They paired me with the perfect person! Anyone who says differently about them needs to take a look at themselves and reevaluate your expectations. If you don’t ask for help or bring up any concerns they cannot be addressed. Let these trainers know or they have no idea how to help. You get what you pay for (professionalism, caring and dedicated trainers). A closed mouth doesn’t get fed. With that said…I highly recommend Total Dog 850 for your fur baby. They’ve gained a loyal friend and customer. I will be going back to them with our next Dutchie! Enjoy!”

- Ollie Erwin

“Moriah is simply amazing! I have 2 dogs a Cane Corso and a Beagle and within the FIRST SESSION they were Nfr completely new dogs! She covered all of my major r concerns and worked on them weekly and taught me things that I didn’t even know my dogs needed to work on. She made my dogs a priority and made them feel loved. I am now able to walk/shop/go out/ go to the park/ and even place them without worrying that they will run off or attack anyone. Highly recommend Total Dog it is worth every penny!”

- Janette Gonzales

“If I could rate a million out of 5 stars, I would! Moriah has been an absolute miracle worker with our 2.5 year old Bernese Mountain Dog, Mia. Mia had some basics down from puppy training, but we were still experiencing issues with her obedience and demeanor on walks, in public, and at home. From the very first session, Moriah’s ability to successfully communicate and train both us AND Mia was invaluable. Not only have we been seeing Mia improve more and more each day, but Moriah and Total Dog have given us the knowledge and tools to continue improving in the future. Moriah truly cares about every Dog and Family she meets with and we couldn’t have done any of this without her! c) Thank you so, so much!

- Danielle Mulhearn

“Luisa is amazing. We both Learned a lot from her and now we are quite the team. Thank you Luisa, I now feel equipped to help Merlin live his best life ever. He is also and AKC Canine Good Citizen. We are all so proud of him. I cannot say enough.”

- Kristy Chavers

“Our trainer was Luisa. She helped me on a weekly basis with my dog’s anxiety issues and destructive behavior. She is always on time, super knowledgeable, and teaches in a way that owners can Certification of Completion ATHENA Total Day Toy continue training at home! We loved having her. In the beginning | was hesitant to get a trainer because of the price, but after 3 months and all the changes in my dog, I can confidently say that’s it’s been worth every penny. Thank you Luisa and Total Dog!”

- Amanda Arnold